Limone Piemonte

The mountain pass of the ancient Monte Cornio, Colle di Tenda, gives prominence to Limone Piemonte: it has always been the privileged communication route among the Riviera Ligure, the French Riviera and Piedmont. As a consequence, it has been named "Montagna delle Due Riviere" (Mountain of the Two Riviere).

Founded at the end of the 19th century as a summer holiday destination, it is one of the first Italian resorts in which the winter sports have crept in.

Limone Piemonte is a year-round busy destination thanks to its geographical position and to its mild alpine climate, which shows traces of the influence of the nearby sea.

The old town lively and welcoming surroundings equipped for outdoor sports, walks and trails in our parks are the components of a peaceful and relaxing holiday, but there are too many opportunities of fun.

Equipe Scuola Sci is located in Limone Piemonte at 1400 meters above sea level, at few meters from the ski lifts, and it is operative all over the ski area of the Riserva Bianca.

* From this year you can find us in the town center, Via Dietro Chiesa 6.*